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I’ve been dreaming of seeing Japan since I was four years old. I’ve never truly wanted anything more. I normally wouldn’t ask for help. I’ll admit, I’m too prideful for it most of the time. I’m trying to overcome that, but I have to admit to myself that in my current position, my dream of seeing Japan may never come true. So as my last hope of at the very least, saving up towards seeing Japan, I’m asking for help.

It’s been a long time since I’ve even been on this blog. It’s usually where I go to vent. I know no one looks at this, and that’s the way I like it. It’s good. It’s good to vent it all, and let it out. To know that it’s there in the open, but still safe from anyone and everyone…lately I’ve had more trouble sleeping. I’ve never slept well. I try to get everyone to write it off as my ADHD keeping me from sleeping. I try to get them to let it go by unnoticed. I’ll even say I slept extremely well some times. I don’t.

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There is a Tumblr account out there following people, and once you click to check who it is, it BLOCKS your computer asking you to pay a high sum of money, before they can Unblock it! Be careful! They don’t have a name just a bunch of mixed letters!

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Being depressed with suicidal tenancies and ADHD with OCD is weird for me…

I went to kill myself and when I rolled up my sleeves, I saw a pimple starting on my forearm so I got distracted with getting that out in a clean way that wouldn’t scar and I went to slit my wrists and thought, “Now why did I just do all that if I’m gonna screw myself up anyhow?” and went to get some water.

Now I don’t remember why I wanted to die.


Attack on titan survey corps jackey giveaway!!!!!

So I have two of these and only have use for one, so I’m gonna give the other one away. Rules are simple;
Reblog = 1 entry, like = 1 entry.
Don’t have to be following me but if you follow it will be an extra entry.
I will close this giveaway on Monday 18th November.
Will ship worldwide,  must have ask open and willing to give me your address, you will have 3 days to answer before I choose a new winner at random.

Size small;  sleeve 22 inches, front (shoulder to hem) 18 inches, chest 34 inches. The jacket doesn’t actually close so the chest isnt that important.

(No giveaway blogs please, I will check, I want this to go to a good home, the home of a loving snk fan)


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I feel like I’m supposed to do something…something extremely important. But I can’t stick my mind to it. I don’t know quite what it is…






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well this is the coolest thing ever
he looks really rad on white backgrounds omg

i think this is what transparency was meant for

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I feel like my life is falling apart around me. I’ve effectively managed to piss off my brother who’s moving halfway across the country assumedly because he’s sick of us, my mom, dad, and girlfriend, all in one hour just by telling the truth. Just by telling my brother that the reason we shut off his webcam was because he can’t stay on it all night while he and his girlfriend sleep in front of it because it sucks money out the window and we can’t afford that. Now everything’s falling to hell. And it’s my fault.

We are sorely lacking in one basic human thing today.

Common decency. Today, most people around just see something they want and do what they can to take it. Well we can’t keep having that. Because soon, there’s something horrible coming. Something that means that people will once again be on the streets, and it will not be pretty. This is going to be worse than the Great Depression. Our world will crumble at our feet, and the lack of common decency means that when someone has something that another person wants, all the others are going to do is do everything they can to take it. I know it sounds crazy. But I’ve seen it. Please. Do whatever you can to stockpile foods. Find places to store it where the government can’t find it, because they WILL try to take it. They’ve passed a bill already that made it legal. If you have food stockpiles they can force you to hand them over, or simply just take them. They’ll take your guns. They’ll take any weapons they find. So stock up. And hide them well. Hide them so they can’t find them. Be ready. There’s a storm coming.